Beach Volleyball: Its History

Beach volleyball is a popular sport not only locally, but it is a team sport that is an Olympic Sport. Of course, this is played in the sand. Beach volleyball that is competitive is played with two player each while amateur beach volleyball is played with six players each.

Beach volleyball is a worldwide sport, it was initiated in Southern California and in Hawaii and other places such as Switzerland. But the earliest beach volleyball was started in Waikiki, Hawaii. Anyway if you happened to be a sport betting fan you can check out, you can get codes here.

In Santa Monica, California in the year 1920 produced a field that is sandy for recreational activity. This spark the evolution of beach volleyball. The net in the middle started popping out and started the amateur games. Games were already played in public beaches as well as private ones. In 1924 the first inter-club contest was arranged and was marked as the first tournament played in California.

This early match in beach volleyball is played with six players on each team just like indoor volleyball. Not until Paul Johnson or also called Pablo an indoor played changed it all. He was waiting for other players for a six per team volleyball but end up two on each team. This event changed the fate of beach volleyball.

In 1930s beach volleyball reached Europe and by the 1960s a move was started to make the sport pro, but it failed. That year also the first tournament was established in Manhattan and now it is called Rose Bowl of Sand Volley.

Through the Years

In the following years many tournaments had been held and amplified the sport. Tournaments were held in California, Florida, Colorado and Chicago which was named Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. In 1984 the tour was comprised of 16 events and had a prize purse of $300,000 but it was rained down by player’s strike at the World championship. To add information on where to promo codes visit the link provided.

In the professional level, beach volleyball remained obscure until its fame skyrocketed in 1980s and in 1987 the first World Beach Volleyball Championship was held in Rio de Janeiro. It was also followed by the submission of entry to the sport Olympic in 1996.

Among the famous names in the world of Beach Volleyball are Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh. These two earned successive gold medals in the summer Olympics of 2004 and 2008. They were stated as the greatest beach volleyball team ever.