American Football: Its Origin

American football is a popular game. It has been around for more than 100 years but when compared to other popular sports worldwide. Before football was not played in American colleges and it was very dangerous because of common injuries. Today it is different, it has already a standing rules and players been now equipped with good equipment to prevent injuries.

So exactly when was American Football invented? There is no exact date on when this great sport was made but the first officiated game of football was held and played on November 06, 1869. The first two teams that squared off on this first recorded game was college players from Princeton University and Rutgers University. The game was held in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Next question is, who invented football?  That is a tough question to answer, according to history Walter Camp is dubbed the “Father of American Football”.

He was a Yale football player and started the Intercollegiate Football Association (IFA). It is an association that is responsible for the setting up game rules of today’s football. Another question is online casino like bovada legit, well bet meister have answer to this.

When was it Invented?

In 1876 the official rugby league was started in Princeton under the rugby code. Princeton was the oldest rugby leagues in the country. American football was not yet born on this period. It was more of a raw sport.

You are not allowed to pick up the ball with their hands, rather you need to kick the ball. It was fierce and was known as a “mob football”. Injuries are common because it was completely chaos rather than a fined tuned sport. It would take several years for the “code conduct” to be place.

The first game was played in 1869 and other colleges soon picked up the sport. In 1873 the IFA was created and jump on board quickly to put standards to the game.

Not all schools adopted the rules the IFA has stablished and continued to play with their own rules like Harvard University in Cambridge. The game was called the “Boston Game” in which a different set of rules was used.

In 1982 the first pro football was created, and the first athlete was played to play the game. He was William ‘Pudge’ Heffelfinger and was paid $500 to play the game. Historians believed that past players where payed before, but it was Heffelfinger was the first recorded paid athlete to play the game.

As the sport continued to rose to popularity and further rules and regulation as well as a better organization was established. After World War I, professional football became mainstream and teams were conducting bidding to attract strongest men to play the sport for their team.

In 1920 American Professional football Association was created and was renamed National Football League in 1922 until the present time.