Cleaning Ideas for Messy Toddlers

Having a toddler at home will turn the most organized home upside down in an instant. Toddlers have tons of energy and they are in constant motion. This will be a nightmare for your house, imagine all the cleaning you will have to do because of these rowdy toddlers.

We have listed sure fire techniques on how to clean the mess your toddler makes and living through this period with calm and grace.

Create a Toddler Friendly Environment

Toddlers are on their developmental stage. They love to explore the surroundings and love to inquire about anything they encounter. They develop at astonishing rate and very remarkable unmatched of any stage in human development.

As parents you need to make your home a toddler friendly environment, make it enjoyable, safe and sturdy.

Less disciplining if your home permits a carefree, toddler-approved space. Remove all the temptations that toddlers cannot handle yet.

If you are fond of displaying your fragile pot collection, it may be wise to put them away this time. You house should be decorated for your toddler, minimize things that can be enticing to toddlers and will end up being broken. If you do not want to put it away, you can put it higher on the wall or shelves that is out of reach from your toddler.

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Toddlers grow up so fast, next thing you know your toddler is all grown up and you can decorate back your house. What is important is the memories that you can accumulate with your toddler, this is only once in a lifetime chance, you better grab this.

Provide a Large Storage

Provide a large storage for your toddler’s toy and show your toddler how to pick up each toy. You can do this by introducing a game, the pickup game, do it every time your toddler is done playing with his toys. You can also provide a large storage basket for every room your toddler spends more time in.

You need to be patient and be consistent always with your way of teaching your toddler an important skill. If you inculcate skill at the early age of your kid this will be carried until he reaches teens.

Less Toys the Better

You may say that is reasonable to buy many toys but its not. You just buy the right number of toys and rotate through them. You can put a handful of toys and put in the basket and another on a separate container. Let your kids play on the first batch of toy and keep the other batch. After a week exchange the two batches of toy. You can also exchange toys with other parents.

Following these tips will make sure that even if you have a toddler at home, your home will still be spotless and clean.